First of all a million thanks to Richard Parker for making my Egypt investment dream come true. He explained the entire buying process in great detail and put my worries at complete rest. He and his team in Hurghada are very efficient, reliable and helpful in every way. The whole buying process went smoothly and today I am sorting out the furnishing via his team ( Ramy Kamel …another great guy!). I would whole heartedly recommend international dreams to anyone wishing to buy a property overseas.

Dr Sanjay Raos

Testimonal from Dr Sanjay Raos

We applied through international dreams 3/4 years ago with our friends also to buy an apartment suitable for wheelchairs users

It as been a long road and some times mentally challenging as nothing runs smoothly ESP with all the trouble in Tunisia where we have bought ,but thanks to the ongoing help and support and problem solving with Richard at International Dreams it made our life easier thank god we chose a good person from a good company to purchase through

Will use again if we buy another property

Many thanks For all your help Richard

Andrea Foster
Dunes Resort

Andrea Foster - Dunes Golf Resort

Thank you Richard and International Dreams for all the help and guidance during our search for apartment to buy in Hurghada.

Buying apartment in Egypt is not a simple thing, there are many players in the market who are trying to survive in a very difficult time when investors flee the market in Egypt for fear that the country will collapse. The risk of being exploited and cheated to invest in underhanded real estate project is great and I am therefore very happy that I came in contact with Richard (International Dreams) who supported me effectively at no fee and has guided me from the beginning in the process of finding an apartment that fall us in taste. What I like about Richard is that he has a sort of code of honour, he does not try to sell you anything, but he wants you to want to buy from him because it feels right and that’s what you really want. I’ve put Richards and other brokers honesty to the test without them knowing about it and I can in good conscience say that Richard is a rare flower that you can pick with security.

Today I find myself in a state to furnish my apartment and I still have Richard by my side when I need him and guess if it feels good!

I can very well recommend Richard and International Dreams to anyone planning to invest in real estate around the world, Richard is a safe and professional choice.


Ahmad Mari and Virginia Mari from Sweden

Testimonial from Ahmad Mari

Richard Parker / International Dreams.

Dear Richard,

I would just like to write to say thank you for helping make my purchase at Turtles Beach, Hurghada, so easy. Thanks to you, and Sameh in Hurghada the whole process was unbelieveably smooth (although once I’d actually seen the site it was a no brainer, it’s a fantastic setting). All the necessary permits, contracts etc were completed in a day via Tarek Fathalla (also highly recommended).

As I said, the whole process was extremely easy, and my initial worries were soon put at rest. Sameh is an excellent guide and very knowledgable. We went to a few of the other projects and I was impressed by the overall quality. All in all, I can’t wait until its time to pick the furnishing and spend some time gazing out to sea from my balcony!

Many thanks, and I’ll keep watching the web site. I’m sure we will be doing business again in the near future.

Steve Jukes.

Testimonial from Steve Jukes

Good Evening Richard

I would like to thank you for your current service provided to me in the purchase of an apartment in Egypt. The purchase is my first outside of the UK and I have serious trust issues. With this in mind I was still happy to proceed with the purchase through yourselves because of many positive factors, including the no pressure conversations we had and the tour you organised in Egypt. So far things have gone very well and I am very positive they will continue to do so. I would recommend International Dreams and Richard to anyone looking to invest aboard. I hope this will be one of many purchases through International Dreams.

Kind regards
Kevin Hurlock
Turtle Beach Resort

Testimonial Kevin Hurlock

International dreams service was excellent, the property
details you sent were just what was needed, they showed
the various villas and apartments in hurghada Egypt at a
full range of prices.
You introduced us to Nick Pendrell your agent in hurghada ,
he was very good, picked us up from our hotel, and took us
all over hurghada ,with the details you had supplied,we
eventually brought a apartment at Oasis resort .
Thanks Richard very much , regards Alan Jenner

Testimonial from Alan Jenner

Hi Richard,

It has been a pleasure to do business with you, you have been very helpful in every step of the purchase of my property in Hurghada, Egypt. The solicitors that you recommended were very efficient and professional. The whole process went very smoothly, we shall be doing business together in the future.

Mr Dean, London.

Testimonial from Mr Dean

“Richard Parker has helped me amazingly over the past few years. The first contact we had together was when I became interested in investing in property in Egypt. I have had a real love for Egypt ever since I was a child so it is a vision that is close to my heart.

One day I decided to take it more seriously and make some enquiries.

At this time, I discovered International Dreams.

Richard explained to me what the process was with purchasing property abroad, it was at this point I started to feel as though the dream is achievable. Quite often in life there can be worries, especially where property is concerned, however Richard is never far away to help, advise and reassure.

Richard is a reliable communicator responding quickly to my enquiries; whether by phone, email, or the International Dreams Facebook page, where he maintains a valuable relationship with his clients.

If you want real property Investment advice, efficient and informative updates – Use International Dreams.

I know that sometime in the future I will be looking to invest somewhere else again, I also know that I will approach International Dreams”

Peter Tonks
Birmingham, UK

Peter Tonks Testimonial

Thank you, International Dreams, for helping me find the apartment I was looking for! Richard listened to what I wanted, and his knowledge of the area and current developments allowed me very quickly to match my criteria, keeping within my budget. He gave me sound, honest advice and made the buying process so easy and time-efficient; I like that I don’t have to run around finding solicitors or trailing round furniture shops…I just don’t have time! Richard continues to keep me up to date, and responds immediately and patiently to any queries I have. I would recommend him to anyone. I am already thinking of buying another property…..who am I going to call??  Richard Parker, International Dreams Ltd., of course!

Carol Mclean

Thanks for the site link Richard, this site and the updates on your facebook page are both very helpful with photo updates just added on the 19th.

I’m very happy with your service so far Richard, i’m a purchaser of Isida Joya through International Dreams and everythings going well and I have the confidence in you and the developer.

Kris Mcbride – 26/9/11


Is in the process of purchasing a property at the isda joya and the service i get from these guys is great! always there to help no matter how complicated : )

Sharon Wilson


International Dreams helped us choose our perfect Egyptian home in Hurghada. Richard explained everything to us every step of the way so there were no unexpected charges and we were kept up to date with all the construction. We are Very happy with our purchase and are now looking for a second on the same development to rent out.

Mr and Mrs Brown – Newcastle – now hurghada !

“Me and my friends are in process of purchasing 2 appartments in isida joya service has been excelent so far were going over in march to have a look”

Kim Higgins from Spain

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International Dreams helped us choose our perfect Egyptian home in Hurghada. Richard explained everything to us every step of the way so there were no unexpected charges and we were kept up to date with all the construction. We are Very happy with our purchase and are now looking for a second on the same development to rent out

Mr and Mrs Brown - Newcastle - now hurghada ! more


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